Past Shows

 Our shows over the years... title, director, and month/year of production. 1956
The Happy Time, Larry Dunn, 3/56
Night Must Fall, Everett Marston, 11/56
Miranda, Bob Hale, 5/57
The Teahouse of the August Moon, Larry Dunn, 11/57
Harvey, Hugh Cronister, 4/58
Dear Brutus, Miriam Van De Veere, 11/58
The Solid Gold Cadillac, Everett Marston & Larry Dunn, 5/59
The Mousetrap, JoAnn Collins, 11/59
George Washington Slept Here, Larry Dunn, 4/60
The Little Foxes, Chad Maurer, 11/60
Visit To A Small Planet, Larry Dunn, 4/61
Blithe Spirit, JoAnn Collins, 11/61
Ladies in Retirement, Chad Maurer, 4/62
Come Back, Little Sheba, Larry Dunn, 11/62
The Torch Bearers, Robert Anderson, 4/63
Arms and the Man, Robert Anderson, 11/63
The Pleasure of His Company, Betty Andrews, 4/64
Lilliom, Larry Dunn, 11/64
The Philadelphia Story, Chad Maurer, 5/65
Moony's Kid Don't Cry, Chad Maurer, one-acts, 8/65
The Cat and the Moon, Lynne MacDonald, one-acts, 8/65
The Public Eye, Harriet Marston, one-acts, 8/65
The Glass Managerie, Chad Maurer, 11/65
A Thousand Clowns, Robert Anderson, 4/66
The Marriage Proposal, Chad Maurer, one-acts, 8/66
No Exit, Eunice Rozene, one-acts, 8/66
True Blue and Trusted, Robert Anderson, one-acts, 8/66
The Chalk Garden, Robert Anderson, 4/67
Everybody Loves Opal, Chad Maurer, 8/67
Barefoot in the Park, Richard Metheaney, 11/67
An Evening of Drama, director unknown, 4/68
The Odd Couple, Richard Flanagan, 8/68
Oklahoma, Larry Dunn, 11/68
Antigone, Dick Stott, 5/69
South Pacific, Larry Dunn, 11/69
Joan of Lorraine, Dick Stott, 5/70
Carousel, Larry Dunn, 11/70
Harvey, Rick Flanagan, 2/71
Our Town, Larry Dunn, 6/71
Guys and Dolls, Jim Quine, 11/71
All My Sons, Dick McGrath, 2/72
Private Lives, Robert Engle, 5/72
The Pajama Game, Larry Dunn, 11/72
Bell, Book and Candle, Bob Perkins, 2/73
Wait Until Dark, Robert Dolan, 5/73
The Mikado, Veronica Nelson, 11/73
The Best Man, Bob Perkins, 4/74
The Fantasticks, Michael Pevzner, 6/74
Kiss Me Kate, Linda Dolan, 11/74
Plaza Suite, Michael Pevzner & Jon Lehman, 6/75
Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris, Robert Dolan, 7/75
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Daniel Sapir, 11/75
A Thurber Carnival, Bob Perkins, 7/76
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Michael Pevzner, 4/77
Zorba, Linda Dolan, 7/77
Pirates of Penzance, Veronica Nielson, 11/77
That Championship Seasonl, Michael Pevzner, 3/78
Deadwood Dick, Richard Stott, 8/78
My Fair Lady, Ann Britton, 11/78
A Streetcar Named Desire, Michael Pevzner, 4/79
Side by Side by Sondheim, Linda Dolan, 8/79
Little Mary Sunshine, Maggie McGovern, 11/79
The Oldest Living Graduate, Michael Pevzner, 4/80
Company, Michael Pevzner, 8/80
The Lion in Winter, Bob Gillet, 12/80
The Royal Family, Skip Maloney, 5/81
Once Upon a Mattress, Michelle Pecoraro, 8/81
Iolanthe, Veronica Nielson, 11/81
Inherit the Wind, Michael Pevzner, 4/82
Play It Again, Sam, Cindy Stone, 7/82
Bells Are Ringing, Martha Gaffey, 11/82
The Diary of Anne Frank, Michael Pevzner, 4/83
Bertha the Beautiful Typewriter Girl, Cindy Stone, 8/83
You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running,
 Shirley Iritsky, Barry Martin, Peter Kates, Patty Edge, 12/83
Desire Under the Elms, Maggie McGovern, 4/84
The Music Man, Shirley Iritsky, 11/84
Sly Fox, Michael Pevzner,  /85
On Golden Pond, Peter Kates, 7/85
Sweet Charity, Robert Dolan, 11/85
The Man Who Came to Dinner, Shirley Iritsky, 4/86
Speaking of Murder, Peter Kates, 7/86
Fiddler on the Roof, Michael Pevzner, 11/86
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Maggie McGovern, 4/87
Ruddigore, Peter Kates, 11/87 1988
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Michael Pevzner, 4/88
Crimes of the Heart, Donna Sorbello, 7/88
Mame, Joyce Williams, 11/88
The Shadow Box, Peter Kates, 4/89

In the Zone, Maggie McGovern, EMACT Festival, Spring/89
The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, Joan Paquette, 8/89
Noises Off, Peter Kates, 11/89
Same Time, Next Year, Joyce Williams, 2/90
A Little Night Music, Linda Dolan, 8/90
Can Can, Joyce Williams, 11/90
The Miracle Worker, Peter Kates, 2/91
New Directions One Acts, 4/91
 Turkeys Waiting to be Plucked, Jim Bowser
  The Man Who Loved God, Kathy Kay
  Under Milk Wood, Irene Dennis
Brigadoon, Peter Kates, 11/91
I Never Sang for My Father, David Mansfield, 2/92
1776, Michael Pevzner, 6-7/92
The Philadelphia Story, Shirley Iritsky, 11/92
12 Dancing Princesses, Maura Troiano, 4/93
Approaching Lavender, Ray Possick, 4/93
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Peter Kates, 6/93
The Sound of Music, Irene Dennis & Peter Kates, 11/93
Love Letters, Francis McCarthy, 2/94
Lend Me a Tenor, Ray Posick, 4/94
The Boys Next Door, Matt Andrews, 7/94
Hello Dolly, Martha Sawyer, 11/94
Some Enchanted Evening, Frances McCarthy & Gwynne Cushing, 6/95
Accomplice, Peter Kates, 8/95
The Secret Garden, Ray Possick, 11/95
Brighton Beach Memoirs, Michael Pevzner, 2/96
The Crucible, Peter Kates, 7/96
Cinderella, Betsy Budd, 11/96
The Importance of Being Earnest, Peter Kates, 8/97
The Wizard of Oz, Tim Fitzgerald, 11/97
Aresenic and Old Lace, Bob Gillet, 6/98
Story Theatre, Bern Budd, 8/98
Little Shop of Horrors, Stephanie Scanlan, 11/98
You Can't Take It With You, Bob Gillet, 6/99
Two Royal Tales, Peter Kates, Betsy Budd, 11/99
Harvey, Peter Kates, 3/2000
Rumors, Bob Gillet, 6/00
Blithe Spirit, Peter Kates, 6/01
Pirates of Penzance, Peter Kates, 11/01
Steel Magnolias, Maura Troiano, 4/02
Jake's Women, Bob Gillet, 6/02
The Music Man, Kelly Hines Brown, 11/02
See How They Run, Judy Holmes, 3/03
Night Sky, Peter Kates, 3/03
Acting Together – 3 one-acts, 11/03
 My Client Curly – Larry Loveredge
 Eleanor, Eve Montague
 Laundry & Bourbon, Russ Carthy
The Children's Hour, Peter Kates, 3/04
The Odd Couple (Female Version), Theresa Chaisson, 5/05
The Cemetary Club, Bern Budd, 10/05
The Heiress, Judy Holmes, 3/06
Clue, Theresa Chaisson, 7/06
It Runs in the Family, Peter Kates, 11/07
Later Life, Bern Budd, 11/07
Mourning Becomes Electic, Peter Kates, 11/08
 Funeral Pyre
 A Phoenix Too Frequent
Love Letters, Bern Budd & Jean Cohen, 2/09
Ladies, Love, Laughter, Maura Troiano, 4/09
 A Matter of Husbands
Plaza Suite, Theresa Chaisson, 11/09
The Sisters Rosensweig, Maura Troiano, 2/10
Our Town, Michael Pevzner, 6/10
On Golden Pond, Marcie Herrold 11/10
Crimes of the Heart, Bill Gardiner, 3/11
The Man Who Came To Dinner, Lance Norris, 6/11
Sylvia, Ann Gardiner, 7/11
Suessical Jr., Theresa Chaisson & Marcie Herrold, 8/11
Breath of Spring, Richard White, 11/11
Nunsense, Bill Boyer, 3/12
Drinking Habits, Theresa Chaisson, 6/12
Alice in Wonderland, Theresa Chaisson & Janet Fortier, 8/12
The Matchmaker, Peter Kates, 10/12
Glengarry Glen Ross, Michael Pevzner, 3/13
Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, Sheila Kelleher, 6/13
Cheaper by the Dozen, Theresa Chaisson, 10/13
The Odd Couple, Phil Markella, 3/14
Moon Over Buffalo, Stasia O'Brien, 6/14
Present Laughter, Stasia O'Brien, 11/14
The House of Blue Leaves, Jeff Gill, 4/15
Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, Phil Markella, 6/15
Laughter on the 23rd Floor, Michael Pevzner, 11/15
Proof, Emma Manley, 3/16
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, Stephanie Baker, 6/16
The Mousetrap, Anne Gardiner, 10/16


Lovers and Other Strangers, Michael Pevzner

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Philip Markella

Death by Chocolate, Sheila Kelleher 


Over the River and Through the Woods, Michael Pevzner

That Depends, Marianne Withington, Philip Markella