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Inherit the Wind

Auditions: Nov. 18 at 6pm;  Nov. 19 at 7pm. 

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The Bay Players is a non-profit community theatre organization serving the South Shore Boston area since 1956. Centered in Duxbury, Massachusetts, the Bay Players holds open auditions and welcomes everyone to participate in the excitement of community theatre! Join us on stage, backstage or in the audience! Contact us if you would like to be added to the audition and/or show mailing list.   


Inherit the Wind

Directed by: Michael Pevzner and  Matthew Sherman 

Looking for a large cast of 11 principles and 12+ ensemble players. Some kids, too.

Auditions: Sunday, November 18 at 6pm; Monday, November 19 at 7pm.

At: First Parish Church Hall, 842 Tremont St.(Rt. 3A), Duxbury, Mass.

Auditions consist of readings from the script.

Production dates are: Feb. 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 2019. Regular rehearsals beginning Jan. 2.

Questions or more info, call 781-910-2938 or e-mail

Auditions for our winter, 2019, production of “Inherit the Wind,” by Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee. Prize-winning courtroom drama based on the Scopes “monkey trial” of 1925 when a schoolteacher was put on trial for breaking a Tennessee law banning the teaching of Darwin’s theory of evolution. Two giants of the legal realm, Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan were brought in to argue the case. "Inherit the Wind" brilliantly dramatizes this courtroom clash of ideas and ideals: science vs literal biblical teachings on the origin of mankind.  It's a clash that continues today.

The characters


Henry Drummond (60's) - Counsel for the defense Based on the famous trial lawyer, Clarence Darrow. Folksy and brilliant.

Matthew Harrison Brady (60's)- Lead lawyer for the prosecution. Based on the populist orator and politician, William Jennings Bryan. Robust; powerful speaker.

Bertram Cates (mid-20‘s) -Schoolteacher on trial. Mild-mannered but grows in strength.

E.K. Hornbeck (30‘s-40‘s) - A cynical, wisecracking journalist and critic.

Rev. Jeremiah Brown (40's-50's) - Hell & brimstone preacher.

Judge - (40‘s-50‘s) - Small town judge presiding over trial.

Meeker (Any age) - Bailiff at the Hillsboro courthouse.

Tom Davenport (30‘s- 40's) - The local district attorney.


Rachel Brown (20‘s) - In love with Cates, the teacher. The daughter of Reverend Brown.

Mrs. Brady (50‘s-60‘s) - Matthew Harrison Brady’s wife. Very proud and protective.

Mrs. Krebs - An outspoken Hillsboro woman.

Mrs. Loomis & Mrs. Blair - Local moms. 


Melinda  10-13 year old girl. 

Howard  12-14 year old boy. Average small town kid.  He testifies at the trial.  

Other girls & boys as townspeople. 

Men, Women and kids: Townspeople, Jurors, Reporters, Witnesses. etc.


Ticket Info

$15 Group Ticket Sales (all ages, 10 or more pre-paid tickets)

$18 Students/Seniors (65+ for Seniors/All Students with a school ID)

$20 General Admission

-To reserve tickets and pay at the door: 

Send an email to: or call 781-269-9885. Bay Players will contact you to confirm the reservation . 

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The box office will open one hour prior to show time. (We accept cash, check or credit card at the door. All seating is open, first come, first served. )

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