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That Depends
an original musical comedy
Bedpan.jpgby Marianne Withington
May 11th, 12th @ 8:00 May 13th 3:00 matinee 
One audition date only
Tuesday, February 13th @ 7:00pm
First Parish Church, 842 Tremont St, Duxbury 


The story takes place in "Over The Hills", a retirement home. Cat is an elderly woman with cataracts but very keen hearing. Her husband Seemore is very hard of hearing, but can "see more" than most people can. Cat is heiress to a large fortune, but her last will and testament stipulates that her son Solly will only inherit it if he marries before her death. Otherwise, she is leaving everything to Nancy, her beloved nurse, who is like the daughter she never had. Nancy is counting on the fact that Solly has never had luck in the relationship department. Nancy and her boyfriend Lenny plan various ways to thwart Solly's search for a mate, but Solly manages to find love despite their efforts. This may call for more desperate measures.


Audition Info: 

Prepare 16 bars of a piece from musical theatre unless you are auditioning for a non-singing role. If auditioning for the role of Lenny, please prepare a few lines of rap. There will be cold readings from the script.



MAGIC MACK: A retired Las Vegas magician. Narrates the story, and also takes part in it. Performs some cheesy magic tricks involving the audience. Age 55 plus. Non-singing role.

CATARACT ( CAT ): A very rich elderly woman, partially blind with a keen sense of hearing, and confined to a wheelchair. Age 75 plus. Singing role.

SEEMORE: Husband of Cat, a very sweet old man with very keen eyesight, but very hard of hearing. Age 75 plus. Singing role.

SOLITAIRE ( SOLLY ): Only child of Cat and Seemore, age around 56. A great guy with a winning personality, but also with an embarrassing problem. Singing role.

AMI: A lovely woman who has never been able to find the right guy, age 40 plus. Singing role.

NANCY: A nurse at "Over The Hills", formerly a personal nurse to Cat. A devious lady with her own agenda. Age 30 plus. Singing role.

LENNY: Head custodian at "Over The Hills", and boy toy to Nancy. A shady character. Age 30 plus. A rapping role.

GLADYS: Cameo role. A hooker who is looking for a man to take care of her. Age 30 plus. Singing role.

ROXIE: Waitress at the Meet Market. Former girlfriend of Lenny. A ditzy woman with a bad attitude. Age 30 plus.  Non-singing role.

OFFICER MILLS: An Irish cop. More or less a cameo role. Age 30 plus. Non-singing role.

CHORUS: 2 men and 2 women, ages 55 plus. Singing roles.




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