Past Shows - The Man Who Came To Dinner
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“The Man Who Came to Dinner”
Directed by Lance Norris

What happens when an obnoxious dinner guest falls and breaks his hip on your property?
Hilarity ensues!!
The Man Who Came to Dinner is one of the greatest American stage comedies of the giddy, comedy-hungry 1930s.

Performances June 17, 18, 24, 25
Call 781-361-2453 for reservations
Purchase your tickets online at:

Corner Stone Lodge
585 Washington St.,
Duxbury, MA 02332
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Cast and Production staff


SHERIDAN WHITESIDE                              Peter Kates

MAGGIE CUTLER                                       Laura Howerton  
BERT JEFFERSON                                       Jonathan Markella

LORRAINE SHELDON                                 Sheila Kelleher

BEVERLY CARLTON                                   Paul McCuen

BANJO                                                       Ted Lillys

MISS  PREEN (Nurse)                                 Peg Davis

JOHN  (Butler)                                           Tony LaGreca

SARAH  (Maid)                                           Marie Miller

Mrs. ERNEST W. STANLEY                         Lola Packard

MR.  STANLEY                                            Harry Hope

HARRIET STANLEY                                     Liz Hester

RICHARD STANLEY (son)                           Rick Chason

JUNE STANLEY (Daughter)                         Audrey Howerton  

Dr. BRADLEY                                              Bill Driscoll

MRS. McCUTCHEON                                  Susan Thanas

MRS.  DEXTER                                            Donna Frano

PROFESSOR METZ                                     Jim Seaquist

BAKER                                                        Ted Lillys

EXPRESSMAN                                             Jim Seaquist

SANDY                                                        Joe LaGreca

WESTCOTT                                                 Susan Thanas

A PLAIN CLOTHES WOMAN                       Donna Franco       

THE LUNCH GUESTS (3)                             Rosemary Amadeo, Donna Franco, Susan Thanas
RADIO TECHNICIAN                                   Rosemary Amadeo


  DEPUTY                                                                         Joe LaGreca

Production Staff

Director                                             Lance Norris

Producer                                            Phil Markella

Stage Manager                                  Larry Loveridge 

Publicity Chair                                   Maura Buckley Troiano

Box Office Chair                              

Costume Chair                                 

Lighting Design                                

Lighting Chair                                  

Refreshments Chair                         Susan Fife

Property Chair                                 

Set Decoration Chair                      

Set Construction                             

Set Design                                        


Website                                             Paul McCuen                      


Ushers                                                Susan Fife

Ushers                                                Maura Buckley Troiano

Ushers                                                Pat Sherman

The Story
While noted acerbic wit, cultural critic, and egotistical radio personality Sheridan Whiteside is on a lecture tour in a small provincial town in Ohio, he condescends to have dinner at the house of dizzy matron Daisy Stanley, wife of a local conservative businessman. Whiteside slips and falls on their front steps, breaking his hip and forcing him to recuperate in their house. He immediately takes over the entire household with a combination of threats, intimidation, and acid-tongued wit, exiling the Stanleys to the second floor. He holds court in the living room for his wide circle of friends, runs up staggering long-distance bills to world leaders, monopolizes the Stanley servants, and populates the house with a menagerie of exotic animals. Unfortunately for the demanding Whiteside, Maggie Cutler, his trusted secretary and indispensable girl Friday, has fallen in love with a local newspaper man. Although he is pronounced well and free to leave by the local doctor, Sherry feigns his infirmity in order to find a way to keep Maggie with him.