Past Shows - Rumors
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A Contemporary Farce

Directed By: Bob Gillet
Performed at the
Ellison Center for the Arts in Duxbury:

June 16, 17, 22, 23 and 24, 2000
Four couples arrive at the townhouse of a deputy New York City Mayor and his wife to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. The party never begins because the host has shot himself in the head (it's only a flesh wound) and his wife is missing. His lawyer decides on a cover-up, which gets progressively more difficult to sustain as the other guests arrive and nobody can remember who has been told what about whom. Doors slam and hilarity abounds as the couples get more and more crazed trying to sort things out. (Some adult language)

For additional information, check out this great web page about Neil Simon and Rumors. (Courtesy of Craig Bailey and the Theatre Factory in Burlington, VT)
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Chris GormanStacey Erikson
Ken GormanBill Stambaugh
Claire GanzJean Cohen
Lenny GanzBern Budd
Ernie CusackMichael Pevzner
Cookie CusackChris Bailey
Glenn CooperStephen Doherty
Cassie CooperLisa Driscoll
Officer WelchEric Skarpac
Officer PudneyDawn Schuster
Production ManagerSteve Loring
Stage ManagerJoyce Doyle
Set Construction ChiefRicki Bowser
Publicity & Poster DesignJan Neubauer
Lighting DesignJim Bowser
Sound DesignBern Budd
Lighting and Sound OperatorPam Harty
PropsMaureen Dinsmore, Joan Paquette
Costume Coordinator,
Set Dressing
Becky Wells, Sue Jannetty
FurnitureSteve Loring, Dick McCurdy
MakeupWinnie Adler, Marion Schena
Photography & Lobby DisplaySunny Steadman
House ManagementStan Burgess
Box OfficeMarie Gillet, Eve Montague
RefreshmentsCarmella Loring, Sally McGarigal
SeamstressWinnifred D'Amelio
Set Construction & PaintingJim Bowser, Ric Bailey, Bern Budd, Betsy Budd, Stan Burgess, Maureen Dinsmore, Stacey Erikson, Pam Harty, Al Johnson, Larry Loveridge, Dick McCurdy, Mike Pevzner, Bill Stambaugh, Ross Troiano