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The Music Man

Book, Music & Lyrics by Meredith Willson
Based on a story by Meredith Willson & Franklin Lacey
Directed by Kelly Hines Browne
Musical Direction by Meri-Lee Mafera
Choreography by Michael Hammond

Produced by Maura Buckley Troiano and Marguerite Copel

November 8, 9, 15, 16, 2002 at 8:00 pm, November 17 at 2:00 pm
In the Auditorium of the Kingston Intermediate School

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A Brief Synopsis of The Music Man
The Music Man is the endearing story of traveling salesman, Harold Hill, and his visit to a small Iowa town in 1912 where he meets and falls in love with the willful, spinster librarian, Marian Paroo.

With his fast-talking style, "Professor" Harold Hill convinces the town that unless they adopt his revolutionary music program, "The Think System", the morals of the youngsters of River City will be forever doomed. He cons the parents into buying instruments and expensive uniforms in order to form the River City Boys Band. Chaos ensues as Hill's credentials are questioned and he is called upon to prove himself to the citizens of River City.
This all-American family musical is guaranteed to entertain, featuring an entire score of classic hit songs including "Til There was You", "Gary, Indiana", "Lida Rose" and of course, "Seventy-six Trombones".

Originally produced on Broadway in 1957, it ran for 1,375 performances, starring Barbara Cook and made a star of Robert Preston. The Music Man was embraced by theatre audiences of all ages: "An extraordinary warm-hearted, funny and captivating show." - The Daily News. "As American as apple pie and a Fourth of July oration... a marvelous show, rooted in wholesome and comic tradition." - New York Times. A classic film version of the musical also starred Robert Preston, Shirley Jones and a very young Ron Howard.

Before achieving success as a Broadway writer, Meredith Willson was a popular radio personality and bandleader who occasionally worked with Frank Loesser (who wrote Guys and Dolls). Loesser so believed in this show that he backed it for years of development and produced the original production. The Music Man is unquestionably one of the most beloved shows of all time.

Cast & Production Staff
Traveling SalesmenRic Bailey, Richard Knox, Larry Loveridge,
Chris Lukos, Tony Parkes, Bob Reiman
Charlie CowellMatt Antonizick
ConductorPeter Kates
Harold HillMichael Hammond
Mayor ShinnDavid Connor
The Quartet:
   Ewart Dunlop
   Oliver Hix
   Jacey Squires
   Olin Britt

Bob Norton
Chris Lukos
Rob Moore
Tony Parkes
Marcellus WashburnChris Clough
Tommy DjilasRandy Pease
Marian ParooKate DeLima
Mrs. ParooConnie O'Brien
AmaryllisMadison Rockwell
Winthrop ParooWill McDonald
Eulalie Mackecknie ShinnSharon Petti
Zaneeta ShinnKristen Schnibbe
Gracie ShinnAbbe Schnibbe
The Ladies Guild
   Alma Hix
   Maud Dunlop
   Ethel Toffelmier
   Mrs. Squires

Maureen Rowe
Marguerite Copel
Marcie Clough
Janna Saad
Chris Bailey
Cheryl Brennan
Maureen Carson
Constable LockRichard Knox
EnsembleRic Bailey, Rachel Carney, Stephen Doherty,
Kerry Fanara, Aida Harris, Larry Loveridge,
Marie Miller, Christine Ordway, Bob Reiman,
Janine Silvia
Teen EnsembleRebecca Brennan, Samantha Brennan, Nick Coit,
Sarah El-Amine, James Foley, Stephanie Kalil,
Kristin O'Malley, John Perreira, Sophia Strand,
Zoe Snow, Elizabeth Silvia, Laura Silvia,
Josef Silvia, Tim Tolson
Kids EnsembleHannah Bailey, Noah Bailey, Arielle Clough,
Victoria Clough, Allison Copel-Naval, Tess Copel-Naval,
Kristina Harris, Andrea Harris, Kenny Kayes,
Justin Liebert, Daniel Loveridge, Robert Moura,
Elizabeth O'Malley, Mary O'Malley, Caitlin O'Malley,
Jesse Rowe, Andrew Smith, Catherine Umano
Meri-Lee Mafera
David Baxter, Ken Grady
Sherry Lambert
Holly Stevenson
Tim Maynard
Co-ProducersMaura Buckley Troiano, Marguerite Copel
Stage ManagerPeter Kates
Company ManagerRichard Knox
Assistant Stage ManagerOwen Moore
Costume CoordinatorMaura Troiano
Property ManagerJohn Brennan
Set DesignPatrick Browne
PlaybillChris & Ric Bailey
Ticket ContestEve Montague
Ticket ProductionBob Gillet
PhotographySunny Steadman, Alex Doucette
Media/PublicityMarguerite Copel, Christine Orday
Lobby/RefreshmentsSteve & Carmella Loring