Past Shows - Jake's Women
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Bay Player's presents Neil Simon's
Directed by Bob Gillet
Produced by Steve Doherty
Performances at the Ellison Center for the Arts in Duxbury
June 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 2002 at 8:00 p.m.
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"Jake's Women" is Simon's most controversial comedy: some can't stand it; others consider it his masterpiece. It portrays a New York writer on the brink of insanity, grappling with himself through imagined dialogue with the key women in his life--his estranged second wife, his daughter, his sister, his analyst, a date, and most importantly, the memory of his dead first wife. It's a comedy, but it stings with truth.

Because he cannot let go of his relationship with his late wife and fix the relationship with his current wife, Jake calls on each of the women in his life, sometimes several at a time, to help him through his flaws and follies. They talk and argue with him. They often say what he wishes they would say, and then laugh or argue over how self serving he has made them. Some women appear as real people, others as figments of his imagination.

In Act I, Jake struggles with the impending breakdown of his second marriage with the assistance of his sister, analyst, his daughter both at ages 12 and 21, his deceased first wife and the internal incarnation of his current wife. He spars with Maggie, his current wife, Karen, his sister, and Edith, his analyst, and shares more tender moments with both Mollies (his daughter) and Julie, the all too perfect memory of the woman who left him through accidental death.

Act II finds Jake six months later and dating fervently, though badly. He is also wrestling for control of his sanity with these same representations of the real women in his life when a call and imminent visit from Maggie (the now estranged second wife) puts the struggle into overdrive. With humor, sarcasm and wit, the ladies help Jake to see that any relationships he could possibly "write" in his own mind will never be as fulfilling as the one hope for real connection he has in Maggie. (Taken from various sources on the web).
Cast & Production Staff
JakeMichael Pevzner
MaggieJennifer Hopkins
KarenJean Cohen
Molly at 21Sims McCormick
Molly at 12Alexandra Sims
EdithEve Montague
JulieKate Bellanich
SheilaLisa Driscoll
DirectorBob Gillet
ProducerSteve Doherty
Stage ManagerJoan Paquette
Costume DesignerJennifer Spagone
Property ManagerCheryl Kayes
Set DesignerPeter Kates
Lighting DesignJim Bowser
TicketsMarie Miller
PhotographySunny Steadman, Chris Bailey
Publicity ChairpersonSunny Steadman
Lobby RefreshmentsSteve and Carmella Loring