Past Shows - Night Sky
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A Drama by Susan Yankowitz

Directed by Peter Kates
Produced by Bob Gillet

June 20, 21, 27, 28, 2003 at 8:00 pm

In the Good Knight Theatre at the Duxbury High School

Cast Photo

Story of the Play
In this play, audiences are confronted with two deep mysteries: the cosmos and the human mind. In playwright Susan Yankowitz's smart, economical script, we explore, perhaps surprisingly, how the two are linked and ultimately, how little we really know about each.

Anna is a whip smart astronomer, college professor, and mother. Her home life belies the powerhouse of knowledge and eloquence she displays in her professional life. Married to a lazy, yet aspiring opera baritone, and mother to a paradoxically (and typically) timid and rebellious teenage daughter, Anna's domestic life is full of discord, arguments, and sometimes insurmountable pressure. The love that exists between the members of this small family unit is apparent, but it's being undermined by an almost overwhelming desire by each member of the family to put forth their own personal agenda. One night, Anna, seeking to escape her tumultuous home life, is involved in a serious auto accident. When she awakens in a hospital, she is frustrated and horrified to discover that all that will come out of her twisted mouth is gibberish. Anna has been afflicted with aphasia, a disorder of the brain that is responsible for language.

This disorder is the thread upon which Night Sky is built. For Anna, the disorder is sheer hell; losing language would be hard enough on anyone, but it's perhaps even more frustrating for someone who so prided herself on her ability to communicate deep thoughts, a true intellectual, renowned for her teaching abilities and relentless probing into the universe's mysteries. For her family, Anna's disorder is the stuff of nightmare. Gone is the wife and mother Anna's husband and daughter once knew. They know she is locked within this inarticulate shell, and that makes their fears even more terrifying. Yankowitz charts the family's togetherness with precision, and is smart enough to let us see not only their despair and sympathy, but their rage at having the center of their world taken away. But, ultimately, we witness hope and the redemptive power of love, as Anna struggles to make her way back to a semblance of normalcy. (Credit: Windy City Times).

Cast & Production Staff
AnnaEve Montague
DanielSteve Doherty
JenniferAmanda Ordway
BillLarry Collins
Aphasic PatientAida Harris
Doctor; Speech TherapistYlva Ringqvist
TeenBryan Lynch
ProducerBob Gillet
Stage ManagerJoan Paquette
Property ManagerJanet Jones
Set DesignPeter Kates
Set Construction LeadRicki Bowser
Set Construction & PaintingLarry Collins, Richard Knox, Eve Montague, Joan Paquette, Ross Troiano
MakeupMarguerite Copel
Lighting DesignJim Browser
SoundBob Gillet
Stage CrewJeanette Champagne, Christina Harris, Brian Lynch, Richard Knox
PhotographyMary Gistis
House ManagementRuth Blake
Advertising SignsMaura & Ross Troiano
Lobby/RefreshmentsSteve & Carmella Loring, Maura Troiano