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See How They Run


By Philip King

Directed by Judy Holmes
Produced by Marguerite Copel

March 7, 8, 14, 15, 2003 at 8:00 pm
In the Auditorium of the Kingston Intermediate School

Dress Rehearsal Photos     Cast Photo

Story of the Play
No question about the title of this smash London hit. So swift in the action, so involved the situations, so rib-tickling the plot that as its finish audiences are left as exhausted from laughter as though they themselves had run a footrace. Galloping in and out of the doors of an English Vicarage are an American actor and actress (he is now stationed with the Air Force in England and she is a Vicar's wife), a cockney maid who has seen too many American movies, an old maid who "touches alcohol for the first time in her life", four men in clergymen's suits presenting the problem of which is which, for disguised as one is an escaped prisoner, and another a sedate bishop aghast at all the goings on and the trumped-up stories that are told him.

Said "Theatre World" an English publication when the play was first produced in London: "An apt title for an excellent farce of the most involved variety... Nor is there any offense anywhere in the admirably written play which deserves a long run for its rollicking good humor.".

Cast & Production Staff
Ida (a maid)Sims McCormick
Miss SkillonChris Bailey
The Reverend Lionel ToopAndrew Nielson
Penelope ToopStephanie Gallagher
Corporal Clive WintonJoe Lagreca
The IntruderElliot Levy
The Bishop of LaxPeter Kates
The Reverend Arthur HumphreyLarry Loveridge
Sergeant TowersBob Gillet
ProducerMarguerite Copel
Stage ManagerJohn Brennan
Costume CoordinatorCilla McGilvary
Property ManagerCheryl Brennan
Asst Property ManagerAida Harris
Set DesignRoger Jones
Set Construction AssistanceRicki Bowser
MakeupWinnie Adler
Lighting ManagerPeter Kates
Light Design AdvisorJim Browser
PlaybillMaura Troiano
PhotographyMary Gistis & Christine Ordway
Ticket ProductionBob Gillet
Audition ManagerRichard Knox
House ManagementSteve Loring
Media/PublicityChristine Ordway
Lobby/RefreshmentsSteve & Carmella Loring