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About the Bay Players

The Bay Players is a non-profit Community Theatre organization centered in Duxbury, Massachusetts, and serving the Boston South Shore area. Its purpose is to provide individuals with the opportunity to perform and produce theatrical shows and events. The Bay Players produces, on average, three stage productions per year. These include comedies, dramas and musicals. The shows vary every season based upon the interest of the membership.

Bay Players was founded in 1956 as the Duxbury Bay Players and was comprised of a nucleus of actors from the recently closed Duxbury Playhouse. The first production was The Happy Time which opened on April 26, 1956. Since then, the group has produced and performed over 125 shows. After their first musical, Oklahoma, in 1969, actors and singers were attracted from communities outside of Duxbury and membership now includes 13 South Shore communities.

Bay Players has not had a permanent location to call home, but over the years has performed in several
communities on the South Shore including Duxbury, Kingston, Plymouth and Marshfield.

As with the original Duxbury Bay Players, anyone interested in theatre is welcome to audition or participate in the production of the shows

Get Involved in Community Theatre!

Bay Players offers opportunities for people interested in all aspects of theatre. It takes much more than just the actors to put on a show. If being on stage isn't your idea of fun, then try backstage! You don't need any experience or special talents, just a desire to work with a great group of people and have fun! Here are some of the production jobs that are critical to every show:

  • Stage Managers
  • Ticket Sellers
  • Publicity Coordinators
  • Prop Masters
  • Makeup Artists
  • Producers
  • Directors
  • Set Designers and Crew
  • Lighting and Sound Designers and Crew
  • Costume Designers and Coordinators
  • Photographers
  • Graphics Artists
  • House Managers
  • Public Relations & Marketing
So challenge yourself and contact us

The Everett & Harriet Marston Award

The Bay Players is proud to sponsor the Everett & Harriet Marston Award given annually to a local graduating High School Senior who has been active in theatre. The award was established in 1972 to honor Everett Marston, a founding member of the Bay Players, and starting in 2000, the name has been changed to honor Harriet Marston as well. The award is presented each year in June, and any senior from a local High School can apply.

Past recipients of this award include:

2015: Kayla Pintarelli  

2014: Diana McLaughlin

2013: Aaron Kaplowitz
2012: Colin Burnett & Daniel Loveridge
2011: Lauren Feeney
2010: Emily Rose Barry
2009: Christine Scott
2008: Lorrie Famiglietti
2007: Kelly Ann Rice
2006: Kristin O'Malley
2005: Jill Desmond
2004: Molly Shea
2003: Kristen Schnibbe & Chris Lukos
2002: Shannon Trask
2001: Lisa Reinhalter
2000: Courtney Desmond

1999: Ewa Nowicki
1998: Melissa Baker, Nat Budd & Katie Reinhalter
1997: Caitlin McGillicuddy
1996: Gregory Baker
1995: Jeff Marani
1994: John Byrnes
1993: Jamie McGonnigal
1992: Kathy McCafferty
1991: Kyle Roberts
1990: Laura Lee Hupprich

1989:Nicole Pevzner
1988: Sean Johnson
1987: Jason Altieri
1986: Stephanie Clark
1985: Neil Curtis & Rick Martin
1984: Ted Simpson
1983: Chris Bell
1982: Keith Maddy
1981: Amy Francke
1980:Keith Iritsky & Laurel Keith

1979: Gerry Bayer & Kelly Powell
1978: Deborah Bennett
1977: Rodney Hoel
1976: Rachael Slaper & Irene Caleskie
1975: [no award]
1974: Sheila Johnson
1973: Jack Haskell & David Jenness
1972: John Raynor